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Kenneth's passion for making people laugh, smile, and feel good has been in his DNA since birth. Learning from the creativity of his father (a professional ventriloquist) as well as his own intuitive nature, he can pull together any crowd or person to "feel the love."

"Music can speak to anyone!" and his Interdisciplinary Arts degree has professionally given him the ability to speak to so many through the industry. With Your Music Note, we intend on giving you that added opportunity to share the love too! 

D.J. Andrew


DJ, producer, and personality, Andrew aka D.J. A has a very eclectic involvement in the  music and entertainment industry. From internationally DJ-ing to composing songs, D.J. A is one thing for certain; passionate. To Andrew music is not just a career, it’s who he is! 

"All requested pure entertainment!" Focused 100%  on customer service, Your Music Note will never miss an opportunity to grow with YOU in mind.



Speaking of YOU...that is why we are here! You are not just a customer, client, or patron. That is why this is not just Music Note, but Your Music Note.

We look forward to connecting with you...

"Have a great day!"

Why sing the same old song?

"Music is a world within itself, it's a language we all understand!" We hope you enjoy our site and we look forward to taking care of Your Music Note needs...

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